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Our Mission

The mission of our organization is to provide hope to children who are orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable, living on the streets in Addis Ababa, by placing them with families. We find families for the abandoned children by networking with churches and communities. We reunite children with family or relatives; providing the physical, emotional, spiritual, medical, education/training necessary for family members to reunite. For those families who take in or adopt abandoned children we provide emotional, spiritual, medical, education/training and monitor support as needed. If children do not know if they are HIV positive, we will provide medical testing assistance as needed. Once the children become adults our hope is that they are be prepared for challenges of life knowing the norms, culture and values of the society and be well equipped future parents and leaders.

● Ensure the supply of food and reduce the need of orphanage through a community-based care program by providing basic food, clothing, medical, education and housing care services through sponsorship programs. 

● Facilitate counseling and mental health services to the children.

● Develop the moral, spiritual, custom and physical needs of children.

● Create social economic awareness programs for the children to better assimilate in today's society. 

● Provide an environment where children are safe, loved, nourished, clothed, connected and learning.

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Our board of directors consists of dedicated, ethical individuals that want to do all they can to help those in need and ensure our charity grows and reaches as many children as possible.


MESELU KEBEDE Director/Founder


Meselu Kebede, director and founder of Abyssinia Children of Hope, was born and raised in Ethiopia. She grew up with a Christian dripline. She studied Social work and counselling in college and upon graduating has worked for over 9 years with youth and family. While growing up in Ethiopia she saw many deprived, abandoned and orphaned children. She is married, a mother of 4 and has 6 grandchildren.

"I simply love children and understand the value and the need of children being raised by a parent. In 1999 I moved to the US as an exchange student and pursued my studies at The Ohio State University. In 2016 I graduated from The GLH School of Ministry and I studied theology. Since I was a little girl it was in my heart to support and help the outcast children and those who are in need. My life experience and compassion have motivated me to share my time and years of experience with children and families. I believe this is my calling by God to see His will be done and I have a passion to give back and provide for some of the most vulnerable citizens of the community I am from."



Demetria D. Vaughn is a native of Columbus, Ohio although she has lived in several other states and abroad throughout her life. She is a graduate of Franklin University, DeVry University and Gospel Lighthouse School of Ministry where she serves as a Board Member and Administrator.  Passionate about helping others, she is a spokesperson and administrative volunteer for MommaSpeaks4me; a non-profit voice for non-verbal autistic adults to bring about awareness of ASIA (Autism Sexual Involuntary Abuse). She also resides on the board of Abyssinia Children of Hope (ACOH) as an officer and serves the role as secretary.   ACOH is a non-profit multi-denominational Christian organization that provides family style residential care for orphaned children at high risk of sexual and economic exploitation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as well as rural areas. 

Passionate about real estate, she enjoys house hunting, flipping homes, rehab projects, interior design and decorating. Dedicated to excellence and an eye for quality, Demetria will apply these skills in helping you fulfill the American dream of buying and selling your home and for those downsizing make the transition manageable. Demetria loves animals but is partial to small dogs and cats. In her spare time she enjoys vacationing with family and friends. 

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